The Introvert: A Poem


ruminations constantly swirling

a literary companion in hand

seeking peace amidst the storm


often quite awkward

withdrawn even at times

a pen, a pad, a liberation


watching and understanding

listening silently, faithfully

wishing any words to coalesce


the noise is contant, everywhere

incessant inconsequential chatter

disappearing once again


full of whimsy, bursting with curiosity

most will never know

pretending not to have a care at all





12 thoughts on “The Introvert: A Poem

  1. Love this. Kind of feels like you were writing after seeing inside my head. That’s the beauty of poetry, I think, that it touches emotions and resonates in so many different ways for each reader.

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      1. I’m just trying my best to stay out of that shell but that’s difficult to do when i have a hard time meeting people. It is what it is for me. I just try to use the free time i have wisely. πŸ˜„

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      2. Haha, same for me. I’m really awkward. It can be a hard. I really don’t do well at having conversations about things I find purposeless, which makes it worse.


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