Fall: A Poem

by November the grasses became laden

with all of the forgotten ones

the change was a bit too sudden

their beauty was adored shortly before

the sight of them brought joy to many

as their warm hues glimmered in the sun

until the air cooled and the wind emboldened

and once pleasant appearances now faltered

dull and undesired they had now become

and hold on they no longer could

they surrendered to the autumn breeze

for to begin again renewed on this earth

the fall is their last measure


Although many people start to bring changes in their lives beginning in January, I think that this season has naturally became that for me. Last year in November, my family and I made a decision that drastically changed our lives. We lost much of our social construct and our belief system. Everything changed faster than we could wrap our heads around, and the effects of our decision had a more shocking affect than we had be prepared ourselves for. This has definitely been the hardest year of my life. However, sometimes you have to fall to be reborn anew. I have realized at times to create a better life for yourself and fulfill your goals in life, you have to “turn a new leaf.” Maybe you may be a bit fragile for a while, because change doesn’t come easy. You may lose somethings, but you will gain much more precious things. In the end, your choice won’t be something you will regret. This may have been my hardest year, but I hindsight I wouldn’t have held on for a second more.


4 thoughts on “Fall: A Poem

  1. Change is hard but like the seasons some things pass, and with the leaves falling, rebirth is soon to follow. This has been a year in which I have been pleased to make your acquaintance so I am happy with that!

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    1. This has been a interesting year for sure, but I’m thankful for the renewal that i have experienced, even though it has been difficult. And thank you, I’m also happy to have met you. I appreciate all of your support and kind comments. I wish you and your family happy holidays, a merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and happy new year!!

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      1. I hope the next year is happy for you and that you have a merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and happy and a less challenging new year!! I will always be here to support you my friend, anything you need, anytime because I am that good!

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