Nowhere: A Poem

Rear view of sad woman next to the window | Free Photo

lately it is not much of a question

when they ask me where I have been

usually the answer is the same as theirs

either spoken with a chuckle or a solemn tone

our eyes gaze longingly thorough the window panes

for once now all human minds have one thought in unison

that if the world will be forever changed once we enter it again

it is time to cherish these moments while we are stuck in nowhere


4 thoughts on “Nowhere: A Poem

  1. I rather like sitting in the back garden and appreciating the trees and birds. I think that we humans are conditioned to complain about whatever situation we are in, so may as well try to see a positive when we can.

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    1. I’ve actually done some bird watching myself since I’ve been home quite a bit, and tried to pic up some new hobbies as well. Being positive is the one of the most important things that we all really can do during this time of uncertainty.

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      1. True, I love trying to better myself and get involved with, unsurprisingly, different books, I am reading some Seneca at the moment, and properly introducing myself to the Stoics.

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      2. Im mostly just trying to read more in general and begin some new hobbies to – – in practicality- – distract my mind from all the world’s negativity at the moment.


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