Are Books Just an Asthetic?

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For me, this is not much of a question. I know that other readers and book lovers would agree that books are more than just asthetically pleasing. But, as I am scroll on social media platforms and the internet, I find that books are often used for this effect. Personally, I find books immensely enjoyable to look at and be around. Books themselves, no matter the age or genre, bring a sort of warmth and soulfullness to a space or image that cannot be replaced by another object. However, using books only for this reason– as some sort of prop– completly defeats the purpose of having books at all. Some people will place books in places in their room, just for the pleasant sight of them, but never pick them up to read them at all.

What a waste this is!

Books are not meant to just sit on bookcases and be gazed at from a distance. They are meant to be taken from shelves, be felt with curious hands which flip through their pages. Books are here to fill our minds with imagination and knowledge, and for us to pass what we learn for generations to come.

I have seen people who do this sort of thing, who keep books only for the view. Perhaps I am just overthinking it, but as a avid reader…it’s almost a little offensive. What are your views on the subject? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day everyone 🙂


6 thoughts on “Are Books Just an Asthetic?

  1. It is strange that people keep books just for the look, although I think they bring a sense of the familiar, they aren’t threatening either, they can be picked up and put down and, as you say are very pleasingly tactile. Even non readers gravitate to bookshelves to see what’s on them. I think the type of books one has says a lot about the person.

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    1. I agree with that. Books can bring a nice aura to a space. But it’s disappointing for them only be used for that purpose at times. I always love to see what kind of books people collect. It’s very insightful.

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      1. My shelves are all over the place, philosophy next to art, next to Children’s literature…perhaps they would think I was just a big mess, and perhaps they would be right.

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