Obsidian Eyes: A Poem

His eyes were like obsidian

so dark and yet so very clear

Their gravity pulled her in

like a void out in deep space

Willingly, she was ensnared

by the intensity of his gaze

The inky blackness warmed her

and she felt it reach her depths

No, they neither grim or false

she could see all in that stare

To stay unblinking for so long

surely they adore their view


13 thoughts on “Obsidian Eyes: A Poem

      1. I’m blaming the eyes in the photo for my interpretation on this. The vibe I got was a vampire encounter, his eyes dead from long years yet so knowlegeable of the world enticing her on with both the horror and the curse of his immortality.

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      2. What is odd is that vampire stuff is not usually my cup of tea, outside Dracula, and the odd other story but I enjoyed this because of that idea. I love that the subjectiveness of one’s experiences can add to something that was written about something else… do you fancy sharing your inspiration for this work?

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      3. I’m not interested in Vampires either, but I did like that interpretation nonetheless. My inspiration came from watching and talking to someone that I admire. It’s written from a romantic perspective. However, it is supposed to hint at something mysterious and alluring.

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      4. It definitely succeeded, that’s why I am hoping you do more at some point, whether a different aspect, or an elaboration. I love a bit of romance when it is classy.

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