November 12th, 2019

there was no last word…just there and then gone

November 10th, 2019

my pieces only fit when I can see ways to express the storm me…

November 10th, 2019

my wish was for deafness whenever I heard our music…

October 31st, 2019

how it all ends

thoughts of that are simple and perfection is the dream…

October 15th, 2019

I knew that you could see see it to… since I wasn’t far from you

The sky gray as the wind blew… just from out my window

October 15th, 2019

what else did we have to hold on to other than the messages we shared

or the old and newish memories…all the nostalgic objects and places…

September 26, 2019

at first touch, she knew the keys had chosen her…

September 1st, 2019

As I entered, momentarily gazing on the many faces of those seating

on the vehicle I would settle until our destination was reached

August 4th, 2019

There are not enough words that can help you to see what sort of person that you are to me…

June 19th, 2019

through the depths of the darkness you always find light