For Mom: A Poem

There are not enough words

that can help you to see

what sort of a person

that you are to me

I can only be gracious

for all the love everyday

and for not giving up

for making everything okay

I think of the sacrifices

that have caused me to be

you gave up your dreams

just to be with me

I remember the arguments

and we always have a few

but when the morning comes

you’d still smile, and I would too

I cannot even begin to think

how different the world would be

without the amazing woman

that I’m graced daily to see

I say these things to you

even though it’s not enough

to express my deepest love

and being my mom and stuff


Wonder Women

wonder woman

Today is a day for beautiful women all over the globe who are testing the limits daily. We acknowledge and appreciate all of the powerful women of the past and of today who inspire us and change our world for the betterment of females. We will persist in working and fighting for equal treatment, rights, and opportunities for women and girls everywhere. We’re all, in our own right and way, Wonder Woman,¬†and together with our strength, intelligence, diligence, ambition, determination, and care for our world we will continue to surprise you with amazing things.

Happy International Women’s Day!