What makes a good book?

“If a book is well written, I always find it too short.”

Jane Austen


At some point, everyone reads a story that touches them. Whether it was a book your mother or father read to you as a child, a book you were assigned to read in school, or a book you picked for yourself, books have the ability to make lasting impressions on us. However, some books stand out to us the most. The good books, the ones that are more than just a well-written story. These are the ones that have really become treasures to humanity. What is it that makes up ones of these sort of stories?

Here’s some of the elements that I think make a book worth the read. 

  • Strong and alluring opening
  • Charming and unique dialogue
  • Diverse characters with qualities, emotions, and difficulties that the reader can relate to.
  • Takes place in a “world” that has a measure of depth
  • Captivating conflicts and character relationships
  • Has educational content
  • Original and suitable style of writing
  • Involves themes in which readers can make their own perceptions
  • A satisfying, yet compelling conclusion

When we pick up a book that have these components, it’s almost as if you never really want the book to end. Maybe you’ll even want to read it again. These are the stories that make you forget that you are just reading words off a printed page, but they make you feel as if you are traveling and are in another world entirely. These are the ones that will evoke deep emotions and thoughts. These are the sort of books that contain the power to shape us.

What are some qualities that you think a good book should have, or what is a good book that you have read? Feel free to share in the comments!



17 thoughts on “What makes a good book?

      1. if I like the book a lot, it’s always too short for me! but if I don’t like it’s looks like forever.. I don’t like if the book is too short…

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      1. Without spoiling the plot, the narrator admits he’s a liar and then goes on to do just that and as it escalates he (and we) get drawn into the lies too. Eco is a great writer and Baudolino is perhaps my favourite of his novels. Depending on the day of course.

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  1. This is subjective, I guess. For me, a good book is one that will have me coming back to it, again and again. It may not be great in content or setting or characters, but that some part of it speaks to me in a way no other book has spoken.

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